2005 News

Please read the important changes regarding registration of 2005 foals:

Registrations Revised

As we work towards forming our Canadian Connemara Pony Society (CCPS) various questions are being raised, in particular concerning registrations.

Breeders and owners will have to bear with us during this transition as we have to be extremely careful in how we set up our Registry and Stud Books to comply with the requirements of Agriculture Canada and the International Connemara Pony Society (ICCPS), Connemara Pony Breeders Society (CPBS), which is the Irish parent society, and also the European Union (EU).

The facts are as a follows:

  • The Animal Pedigree Act in Canada states there can be only one society registering each breed in Canada.

  • The CPBS will only recognize one society as official keeper of registries in any country.

  • Once the society is formed, recognized ponies will have to be registered through the Canadian Society as, the CPBS states that ponies have to be registered with the society under whose jurisdiction they are born.

  • When the Canadian Society is formed we intend to use the Canadian Livestock Records Corporation (CLRC) to maintain our Registry and Stud Book. Any ponies which are presently registered in the General Registry of the CLRC will be transferred to the appropriate section of the CCPS Registry or Stud Book at no cost. The Connemara section of the General Registry will then automatically be closed.

  • All ponies registered with the ACPS will have to be transferred to the CCPS registry at a fee of approx $12 per pony.

    Note: In order to register a pony into an approved or affiliated society, both its parents must be duly registered in a registry, or stud book recognized by the CPBS. Therefore, ponies whose parents are only registered in the General Registry of the CLRC would not be registerable in the society. Both parents have to be registered before the birth of the foal as back registering is not permitted.

    DNA Testing (Purebred foals only)

    Under CPBS rules, all purebred Connemara foals born in 2004 or after have to be DNA tested to be registered in any Connemara pony society. DNA testing is not required for registering in the General Registry of CLRC. Therefore, purebred foals born in 2004 and after, which are registered with CLRC, will have to be DNA tested to be accepted into the Canadian Society Registry or Stud Book. DNA testing on ponies born before 2004 is only required for stallions.


    There are inspections coming up this year in BC and it is important to note that only ponies which are registered with the ACPS will be eligible for this inspection.

    Options for Registering 2005 Foals

  • Register with the ACPS within 6 months of birth for $40US, which includes DNA testing (over 6 months costs $60US). When the Canadian Society is formed, these foals can then be transferred to the appropriate Canadian Society Registry or Stud Books for a transfer fee of approximately $12.
  • Register in the General Registry of CLRC ($25 Can) does not require DNA testing. Purebred foals must then be DNA tested before they can be transferred to the appropriate section of the Canadian Society purebred Registry. There is no cost for the transfer but the DNA testing through CLRC will cost approximately $60 Can.
  • There is a possibility that we might be able to make provisions for those who do not want to DNA test ponies, especially geldings, so that they can register them in a Canadian Society halfbred registry, which does not require DNA testing. Once registered in the halfbred registry, ponies will never be allowed into the purebred registry. This would enable geldings to be tracked through the registry for the purpose of performance and promotion rather than losing them to the breed.

    Warning: 2005 foals from one or both parents that are only CLRC registered will not be eligible for registration in any approved or affiliated purebred registry or stud book.

    Note: Like the ACPS, we are proposing a Registry for all purebred ponies whose parents are both registered with an approved or affiliated society, and a Stud Book for those ponies in the purebred registry that have passed inspections. There will also be a Halfbred Registry.

    Important Message To All Connemara Owners

    Chris Carey, Director of the new Canadian Connemara Pony Society is collecting information on Connemara Ponies in Canada. Some of the information she needs is:

    Full Name of Connemara Pony
    Registration Number of Connemara Pony (TFC or permanent)
    Date Foaled
    Sire, Dam, & Grandparents of Connemara Pony
    Colour of Pony (Birth Colour if possible)
    Height & Markings of Connemara Pony
    Inspected and/or approved

    Please send this important information to:
    Christine Carey
    1042 - 3rd Concession
    Athelstan, Quebec
    J0S 1A0
    Phone: (450) 264-456

    2004 An Tostal Award Winner Maplehurst Michael MacDaire

    Maplehurst Michael MacDaire
    Congratulations to Ontario based stallion, Maplehurst Michael MacDaire, on winning the prestigious American Connemara Pony Society An Tostal Award. Read more on the award and Michael's accomplishments.