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The International Connemara Pony Society comprises delegates from all countries with approved Connemara Societies. The board meets every year in Clifden (the last 2 years it has been held on Zoom).

One of their duties is to consider nominations for the O'Malley award. Michael J. O'Malley displayed initiative and passion for the breed back in 1911, before there was an official society. The award is given to someone (outside Ireland) who has selflessly promoted the Connemara pony during their lifetime. An approved daughter society may put forward a nomination each year.

Two years running the Canadian Society nominated un-sung heroes Jocelyn Davies and Penny Huggons for their work on Hoof Wall Separation Disease, but were not selected at that time. Subsequently we nominated Doris Jacobi for her 40 years as a breeder and tireless promotor of our ponies.

At their Executive meeting in October, the ICCPS voted that the O'Malley award in 2021 should be shared between DORIS JACOBI and JOCELYN DAVIES who were considered to be "most deserving recipients, and have made Canada proud."

This was indeed wonderful news!

Bridget Wingate

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